About the company

dRISK was founded to create the ultimate driver’s test for autonomous vehicles. Since starting in 2019, we’re growing our super star team in London and Pasadena. Since our inception we’ve expanded our capabilities and are working with OEMs, AV and ADAS developers, insurers and regulators to bring about the next generation of safe and truly crash-less cars.

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Chess Stetson, Ph.D.


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dRISK is hiring talented, creative and diverse individuals to help us polish off the solution to the world’s greatest AI problem. Interested? Get in touch at [email protected]

Business Development Manager - OEM

London-UK, Pasadena-USA, Hybrid

dRISK is changing the way that autonomous technology is developed, for dramatically improved performance, safety, and even a GI-like common sense in these autonomous systems we will all be using in the near future. We are seeking a business development team member with a strong technical background and the creativity needed to communicate with both ends of our customer spectrum – AI developers and traditional auto manufacturers (OEMs / Tier 1s). The kernel of dRISK’s technology permits AVs to test, train and develop on orders of magnitude more complexity than has ever been possible by combining an unprecedented volume and heterogeneity of real-life data with patented knowledge graph technology for fusing it into a training landscape. In the new age of the internet, communicating the advantages of this technology will take a multi-tiered approach within direct outreach, and in the kinds of digital outreach we expect a hungry and tech-savvy business development specialist to take creative advantage of. The ideal candidate will have both a technical and business background and the drive to understand and market the innovative solution the dRISK team are creating. This team member will secure strong relationships with decision makers in the OEM and tier 1 automotive industries. dRISK are at a pivotal and exciting point, transitioning from Start up to Scale up, and we are interested in diverse candidates – just as long as they want nothing less than to revolutionize the field.

Head of Marketing

London-UK, Pasadena-USA, Hybrid

At dRISK we believe that the future of autonomous driving is reliant on testing, training and validating on Edge cases scenarios. To expand our public relations and outreach to our customers is essential. A strong communications and marketing strategy as well as progress towards a trusted brand is how we believe that dRISK will become a pivotal provider in the Autonomous vehicle landscape. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience on the public relations and marketing sector with a drive to understand and ‘sell’ the innovative solution the dRISK team are creating. We are looking for an individual who can secure strong relationships with decision makers in the OEM and tier 1 automotive industries. dRISK are at a pivotal point, transitioning from Start up to Scale up. The Marketing manager will be responsible for a clean sheet plan and ‘selling’ this to the senior management team.

Software Engineer (Front End)

London-UK, Pasadena-USA, Hybrid

dRISK are seeking a Software Engineer with a passion for UI, who can lead the development of our first-of-a-kind web application for exploring and editing graph databases, dRISK Edge. The ideal candidate will have experience in building high-bandwidth user interfaces and a passion for making data complexity tractable for both human and artificial minds. Responsibilities: Lead the development of the dRISK Edge web application, build new visualisation and interaction features for graph-structured data, optimise rendering performance, solve tricky scaling problems, mature the overall user experience of the product. Skills: expert knowledge in HTML / CSS / JS / React, experience in using RESTful APIs, experience with (graph) data visualisation (ideally using WebGL / ThreeJS) is a strong plus, and experience with Wasm is a plus/